A Christmas Sabbatical

Twas the night before Christmas... I suppose it's actually the week before, but who's counting.

It's time for me to take a break, a short sabbatical, a respite. Christmas is a good time for recalibration (not to mention reading, eating, spending time with family; did I mention eating?), and so, I'm recalibrating.

Before I log off for a week or so, allow me to share a little good news? Coming Clean was selected for an Award of Merit in Christianity Today's 2016 Book Awards! Check it out! I'm grateful, humbled, and thankful for all of you who've leaned into this conversation. I can't say it enough.

Thanks for giving me a little sabbatical space to process. I'll continue writing my weekly Advent reflection series in my Tiny Letter (click the link to subscribe), but otherwise, I'm going offline for the next ten days or so. Until then, merry Christmas!


Coming Clean: A Story of Faith, is available. You can order online wherever good books are sold, or visit your local Barnes & Noble and pick up your copy!


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