A Hiatus

This is what word nerds do: pick a word to describe a particular thing. Consider the word; dig for its roots. Was it a Latin derivation? Italian? Did the barbarians use some distant cousin of the word while tearing meat from spit-roasted boar leg? What were the earliest forms of the word? For instance, consider the word hiatus. Derived from the Latin, it is said the word finds its origins in the 1560s. In its earliest form, hiatus meant, "a break or opening in a material object," or an "opening, aperture, rupture, gap."  It stemmed from the word meaning "to gape, stand open," and is kissing cousins with the Old English word used to describe a yawn--a tired, gape-mouthed yawn.


Am I a word-nerd? You bet.

This is the long way around saying that I'm taking a little hiatus. I'm checking out for 2-3 weeks (save for one Deeper Story piece) while I finish up a few longer writing projects. I have an article I need to wrap up, and a... well... sign up for my Tiny Letter to hear more about the even longer work.

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In addition to the Tiny Letter (a new addition is coming in November), jump on over to my Facebook Page, where I'll be leaving periodical updates.

Thanks for stopping in, and I'll see you in a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the mountain view.