An Antidote to the Noise: Thanksgiving

I've written a good bit on the noise that's cluttered my mind over the last few weeks. The news, the false news, the social media feeds, and the innumerable op-eds have wormed their way into my inner ear and have disrupted my sense of balance. Thanks a lot, American Politics.

In the last week, though, I've tried a new practice to quiet the mind--prayers of thanksgiving. I've found that when I practice gratitude and thanksgiving in prayer, gratefulness crowds out any lingering worry, fear, or distraction. And though I suppose that makes some sort of intuitive sense, before I began the intentional practice of prayerful gratitude, I never understood this truth.

Maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

Over the last week, as I've pushed into the practice of thanksgiving, I've created a five-day reading plan--"The Practice of Prayer: Thanksgiving." (As a caveat, this plan is not all about pilgrims and cornucopias.) The plan was inspired by the writings of George Buttrick, as excerpted in Renovaré's book, Devotional Classics. I'd like to invite you to join me and others in this community of readers as we explore the daily practice of thankfulness in prayer. Maybe you'll find it helps quiet your mind.

Come along?

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