Begotten Not Made: An Advent Welcome

Advent: from the Latin advents, meaning "a coming, approach, arrival," in Church Latin "the coming of the Savior," from past participle stem of advenire "arrive, come to," from ad- "to" + venire "to come." (Source link.) Welcome to Advent, the season in which we prepare for the coming of the Hope of the World. Are you following the shining star to the it's illogical conclusion in the baby's manger? Is your heart making room?

Today I'm sharing an Advent poem at Elizabeth Marshall's site. Would you join me?


Begotten Not Made

And though he birthed the star alight, he took to manger underneath the humbled cry of stifled speech, of own begotten form.

He suckled there at woman’s breast, the mouth of God on human skin he spoke before the world began, to birth begotten form.

Continue reading at Elizabeth Marshall's site.


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