Ceteris Parabus, or For the Friends in my Dreams - #Justwrite

When the sum and substance of my discontinuities collide, I often wonder around Sinai, looking both upward and sideways.  The whiskey, wine, and water are competing possibilities.  That’s a tug no man can deny. Ceteris perabus.

Paul said he waged war against himself.  Why did he do the things he didn’t want?  That’s what he asked.  It’s born into all of us, not just the prostitutes and meth addicts.  You ask this question too, right?

Ceteris parabus.

All things are not equal.  Some opinions need to die and be buried, some possibilities eliminated or illuminated. Sometimes voices are just voices.   Sometimes they are more sinister.

Ceteris parabus. _______

*Written for the stragglers and for those who make un-random appearances in my dreams from time to time. It's good to share life with you even if you are, as Russell Crowe once said, "on the down side of advantage."  Peace.

**This was written for Heather King's writing prompt, Just Write.  It'd be nice if'n you'd stop by her place and see the other Just Write entries.