Collective Covenant (A Group Participation Project)

This will not work without group participation, but I’ll take a bit of a risk. For the last several months, our church has been walking through a survey of the Old Testament. We’ve watched as the patriarchs experienced the living God. We’ve heard the prophets beg the Israelites to return. We’ve been reminded:

God made covenant with a single nomadic man, so that he could set apart a chosen people, so that he could step into a fallen world and redeem the broken and lost pieces.

Though we think about God’s Old Testament covenant as playing out on a national level, it’s the testimonies of the individual that remind us of a personal God.  He was the faithful provider of Abraham. He was the wrestling blesser of Jacob. He was the hope of salvation to Rahab. He was the promoter of Joseph. He was the merciful father of David. He was the prayer and work-ethic of Nehemiah.

God’s evidenced his eternal purpose through the stories of his people. And ultimately, those stories remind us of his overarching plan for redemption.

Here’s your part (I hope). How, when, and where did God cut covenant with you? I’d love to collect your stories in the comments below, to see how that scarlet thread of Christ’s narrative started with Abraham and ran all the way through history to your life.

So, who’s first?

**and for those of you who are wondering, the serial story ain't finished yet.  We're just taking an ever-so brief break.  Letting some of the pressure out of the cooker, so to speak.