I'm Not Impervious to Worry

After this week's announcement, some of you have emailed me words of encouragement. A few of you have emailed me the same question: Are you stressed or worried? Of course.

Better people have followed the wild wind into the world of entrepreneurship and have failed. Less-skilled folks have succeeded when all the world thought they'd fail. Life is a crapshoot, business even more so. Success is fickle (perhaps even an illusion). Money fails. And perhaps more to the point, as my friend Sean is fond of saying, "starting a business is an unmitigated act of insanity."

The truth is, failure is an option. But doubting the path? That isn't.

So, though I carry the normal stresses and worry of any new venture--can I feed my babies?--I know I'm walking through the next right door. That seems to pacify the anxieties.

At least for now.


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