Indigo Thomas

PicMonkey CollageI'm bringing you a bit of a double feature today. First, I'm discussing the origins and resolutions of doubt over at A Deeper Church. Many of you have had good input into my meanderings on the topic lately, and I hope you'll follow me there to flesh it out a bit more. And yes... there are questions to be answered there, so drop in and share your insight. Also, many of you are familiar with my musings for Tweetspeak Poetry. In February, we've kicked off a new prompt theme, and I've once again compiled a killer playlist to give you a bit of writerly inspiration. Want to hear it? Drop in to Tweetspeak today, where you'll find Bella Fleck, Jimmy Hendrix, Olu Dara, and more!

Thanks for following along. Hope to see you at A Deeper Church and Tweetspeak!

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