Observation #10: iPhone Addict

What happens when my phone buzzes, when the notification appears, when it asks me to click or swipe or whatever? Yesterday morning, I turned off those notifications, kept my phone facedown, too. In the afternoon, I reversed the process as a sort of experiment. Buzz--my gaze shifts.

Notification--I read the banner on my phone scree, feel my energy shifting from my task.

Maybe my blood boils a little as I read about immigration. Maybe my heart quickens as I see an investment notification. Maybe I laugh at the text from a friend. Maybe this happens every ten minutes for an hour before I turn off my notifications again.

Observation: I'm no different from any other addict, sacrificing the enduring good for the temporary fix.

TODAY'S TIP: Work this same kind of experiment. Turn off notifications for an hour or two. Then turn them back on for an hour or two. What's different about those two blocks of time?

This week, I’m exploring some tips and tricks for limiting distraction, all in the form of these Observations. Follow along and practice with me? Invite a friend or two?


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