Observation #3: The Broken Ladder

Climb the ladder, some say. Take it to the top.

This is the American Dream.

After thirty-some-odd years of climbing, I quit. I sent a letter of resignation to the keepers of that ladder, told them things seemed a bit rickety and I'd like to go build my own ladder from more solid wood. On the other side, I noted the men who've climbed that ladder of the American Dream: political strongmen like President Trump; charlatans like Paige Patterson; corporate schemers like [fill in the blank with any of 1,000 names]. Yes, there are a few good men who manage to make it to the top without compromise (like many of the men I practiced law with for more than 12 years), but there are exceptions to every rule. And that leaves me asking this question: If political strongmen, charlatans, and corporate schemers can climb the ladder to the top, what does that say about the ladder? 


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