Observation #8: Distraction is Your Mistress

Distraction is a sneaky seductress. She waits in the quiet hours--the hours of meditation, the hours dedicated to work, the hours just before sleep. She comes calling through the screen, notifies me of some Twitter thread or Facebook comment or CNN breaking news alert that I must check. And like any good seductress, Distraction divides me. She pulls me from what’s real—connection, creation, healthy productivity—and offers me digital candy. It tastes good in the moment, but what’s it worth, really?

TODAY'S TIP: For at least two hours, avoid checking your phone. Put it facedown on the desk. Turn off the notifications. At the end of that two hours ask yourself--How do I feel?

This week, I’m exploring some tips and tricks for limiting distraction, all in the form of these Observations. Follow along and practice with me? Invite a friend or two?


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