Observation #9: Your Phone, Your Drug

Yesterday I caught a little well-played flack for personifying distraction as a mistress. Always the female form, the commenter said. Why is it so? I tried to explain it away, tried to show why I (a straight man with a healthy appreciation for said female  form) might personify distraction as a seductress. Were my context different, perhaps I would have named it a Seductor, but I am what I am, and I wrote what I wrote, and the comment was well played.

What is distraction, then? Maybe a drug?

While working this morning, my phone buzzed. I looked at the notification, "Your Morning Briefing" from the New York Times. It read: "A return to 'catch and release,' what watch for in today's primaries, Atlantic Cities big bet." It was a well designed notification, offering three tantalizing stories, each intriguing (and perhaps built from my very algorithms). I could have clicked. I could have read. I could have reached for another fix, and boy did I want to. Instead, I returned my phone to the side table, turned off notifications, and prayed.

Make me more than a hound dog. Keep me free from chasing all the rabbits. 

TODAY'S TIP: Turn notifications off of your phone today. At the end of the day ask yourself--How do I feel?

This week, I’m exploring some tips and tricks for limiting distraction, all in the form of these Observations. Follow along and practice with me? Invite a friend or two?



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