Pray Yourself Sober

What is sobriety? Doesn't it mean more than keeping free of the bottle, the needle, the prescription pill, the credit card bill? This has been the drum I've banged for nearly three years, now. Sobriety, it seems to me, is that quality of connection that keeps us clear-headed. And in this modern world of noise, and news, and endless screaming over each other, don't we need that kind of connection more than ever? I've tried my best over the last few months to cultivate personal practices of sobriety, and in that, I've turned to the writings of George Buttrick, the twentieth-century Presbyterian pastor who wrote about prayer. Buttrick's practices and insights lead me to quieter places, places of thanksgiving, confession, and rest. I've enjoyed these practices, and I'm inviting you to join me in them.

[tweetherder]An invitation begs attendance. Doesn't it?[/tweetherder]

I've created two daily email plans based on Buttrick's work. The first, The Practice of Prayer: Thanksgivingis a five-day email plan stretching into the recognition of the good gifts of God in our everyday lives. The next, The Practice of Prayer: Confession, is a five-day email plan of examination and recognition. Confession--it's hard, maybe, but aren't most things worth doing?

If you sign up for the Thanksgiving plan, you'll receive the Confession plan immediately following the completion of your gratitude practice. And if you complete the Confession plan, you'll receive an email notification when new prayer plans are available (I'll release another one in the next month or two).

Would you consider signing up? And as you're working through the plans, feel free to invite a conversation partner or two (perhaps a small group) along. You can invite your friends to sign up by way of Twitter or  Facebook.

So, pull a group together, and let's go. I'll be working my way through these plans, too (you can't practice thanksgiving and confession too much). Let's cultivate practices of sobriety. Shall we?



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