Purple Plays (An Associative Poetry Prompt)

Our pigmentatious affectations seem lacking for the colors purple and indigo. Sure, Prince danced in a purple rain, but that was hardly cliché. Who’d ever heard of colored rain until the release of his 1984 album? There is also Violet Beauregard, the ill-mannered, hyper-competitive tomboy in Roald Dahl’s classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the 1971 film adaptation of the classic, Violet disregards the warnings of Willy Wonka and chews an experimental three-course gum until she is transformed into a one-ton indigo blueberry. Luckily, Violet ultimately finds relief on the factory juicing floor at the hands of the orange-skinned, green-haired Oompa Loompa crew. Even still, I’m not sure exactly why Violet was painted in indigo hues, nor why Dahl chose to give her the colorful name. Of course, I’ll admit that I may be unaware of some long-held association between impertinent children and the colors violet or indigo.

The above is an excerpt from my poetry prompt for Tweetspeak Poetry today. Stop in and try your hand at a bit purple poetry.

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