We gather, hundreds of us, moved by what has been appropriately described as an "orphan crisis."  Conferences like this bring out the saints and the saints come bearing perceived answers.  Saints are, after all, only human. Tribe leaders, facilitators, wild-haired anti-trafficking experts from Connecticut (I'll storm the beaches with you, brother), show us the many facets of child-exploitation.  They undo our answers, guiding us through the mounting complexities--resource shortages, blind-eyed and corrupt governments, supply and demand curves that are fed by lustful depravity, the sheer statistical impossibility that adoption is the answer.

There is a mounting cognitive dissonance.  Issues of fatherlessness are complex and so it follows that the answer cannot be simple.

The Conference guide takes the stage, asks us to stand, requests a pause, a Selah of sorts.  In that moment I believe that many of us heard God's voice,

"Slow down; pause; pray; contemplate.  Let go of your ego and your answers.  Let me start a new work in you.  One with some deliberation."


Are you at the Idea Camp/Orphan Care conference?  Did God speak in your Selah moment? If you aren't attending, watch the live stream today, starting at 9:00, central.