Serial Story

I am still in the middle of conflict resolution, still in the middle of a very pronounced pause from writing. That being said, reconciliation is on the horizon. Time for a bit of creativity is drawing near. But for the next project on this site, I need your help. When I sat with Matt at that mountain-music pub in Hickory, North Carolina, we had this idea. I thought it was a good one, though most pub-born thoughts seem good at the time. However, this is one I'm ready to explore.

Starting in January, I would like to start writing a collective story on this blog. I will start with the first chapter. I will then ask for contributions to build on the story (around 500 words). We will build on the story 1 week at a time. The posts will schedule on Mondays so that you can have the weekend to pen 500 words. If you would like to participate, please let me know in the comments here.

Thanks for stopping in and being patient in a very busy season of my life. Y'all are the good people in this world.