St. George of the Bayou

My grandfather was larger than life. He was equal parts family patriarch, successful businessman, Louisiana conservationist, charismatic motivational leader, and friend to nearly all who met him. When I was a young boy, my grandfather, who was known by some as a master story-teller, would sit for hours in an old wooden rocking chair overlooking the bayou. On occasion, he'd pull me into his lap and tell me the grandest stories. But there was none he loved to tell more than the legend of St. George. "Sit in my lap, boy," he'd say, "and let me tell you about my namesake." He'd lower his voice to a near whisper and start, "once upon a time...."

I'd be honored if you'd follow this story to it's conclusion. But in the meantime (and while you're here) tell me: who was the master story-teller in your family? What made them such a good yarn-spinner? *****

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Photo by  Caden Crawford, Creative Commons via Flickr.