The Business of Being a Spy

We are in The Market, participants in this Frankenconomy of the West. And as we've discussed this week, as we punch in and punch out, as we work the daily grind, it's our job to hedge against its machinations. It's our job to live a more spiritually formed, sacrificial way. Some might call this being "in the world but not of the world." Our French mentor Jacques Ellul puts it another way.

"From another point of view (and here the relation is quite different), he may also be sent out as a spy. In fact, that may be the situation of the Christian: to work in secret, at the heart of the world, for his Lord; to prepare for the Lord's victory from within; to create a nucleus in this world, and to discover its secrets, in order that the Kingdom of God may break forth in splendor."

~Jacques Ellul, The False Presence of the Kingdom

[tweetherder]Today is the first day of your assignment. Work in secret. Prepare the way. Create a nucleus. Go.[/tweetherder]


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