The Business of Commitment

If I'm honest, these are my commitment-killers: competing desires, time constraints, people pleasing, distractibility, and addiction to the superfluous stuff (a technical definition, of course) of the market. I know the truth--I can't do everything, everywhere, with everyone, all the time--and yet, how often do I sacrifice my commitments on the altar of spontaneous desires? How often do whims distract me from the things I've already said yes to? Tell me I'm not alone.

I haven't written here in some time. A two-week summer break gave way to a month, then a month more. I dropped a few obligatory pieces of writing (or video, as it were) here and there so as to give the appearance of work, of craft, of commitment, but the truth is, my creative process has been distracted. I aim to change that.

Over the next few months (maybe longer), I'll post a short piece here every day. I'll explore "The Business Of," and I'll take a look at the occupations (both literal and metaphorical) and preoccupations of life. I'll make an announcement (of sorts), and will explore what it means to commit to doing the daily thing.

I don't expect this to be viral work. Instead, I hope it's small, honest, and insightful. I hope it pushes both of us to an increased commitment to the important stuff, the dream-worthy stuff, the stuff worth loving. More than anything, I hope it pushes you to commit to your own process, your own important stuff (whatever that may mean for you).

I'm committing to the daily task of crafting and creating something. I'm shifting, shunning the superfluous stuff, and reclaiming this space, daily. All I ask is that you join me for the ride, that you consider committing to something important in your own life.

Come along?


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