The Business of Words and Actions

Commitment--it's some combination of actions and words, words and actions. And whether it's a simple commitment--resolving to write every day--or something more complicated--committing to work less for the sake of your family--the formula for follow through is the same: say what you mean, and do what you say. It is a world of diluted words, of easy words. We throw them around like packing peanuts, like mass mailers, like monopoly money. We forget that words matter, that they obligate action. And of all the offenders, I am the worst.

I'm aiming to right my wrongs, to use my words specifically and intentionally and follow through with my commitments. I'm aiming to say no when I should (whether because of lack of time or passion), even if my people-pleasing inclination is to say yes. I'm aiming to record my commitments and jot them down even though it goes against my more laid back come-what-may personality. I'm aiming to be a man of better commitments for the sake of my personal sanity and the sanity of my relationships.

(As an aside, it's only taken me 38 years to figure this out.)

If you're a person of easy words, of so many promises you can't keep up, this is my invitation: come along.


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