The Lesser Loudmouthed Kings

I'm not a political pundit--armchair or otherwise--not an incessant social-media politico ranter. I'm not a conservative or liberal ideological junkie, a mainliner or a regurgitator or progressive or anti-progressive points of view. I'm not  a Mr. So And So-Is-Going-To-Destroy-The-Country-And-We-Can't-Take-Eight-8!!!-More-Years-Of-This kind of guy. It ain't my schtick. Reckon me a care-lesser, or apathetic. Worry about my political silence if you will. But knowing me to be the silent sorts in these arenas, give these words their appropriate weight: it's time for me to say something about American politics, about larger politics, about Kingdom politics.*

I'm a faith-bearer, an Advent Star following, Kingdom Comer from Wheresville, USA. I believe in a God who became an oppressed baby, grew into an oppressed man, and died at the hands of the oppressors for the life of the world. I believe in a God who beat death once, twice, billions of times over. I believe in a God who loves us all, and took a risk to prove it. I once heard him called the King of the Great Big Everything; I buy that moniker.

I believe in the the value of every tribe, tongue, and nation. I believe in turning the other cheek, and praying for those who persecute my brothers, sisters, and neighbors. (Let's be honest: have I ever really suffered persecution?) I believe the Spirit can reach the hungry child, the mourning widow, or the hardened criminal. I believe the Spirit can reach any human.

[tweetherder]I believe in a protection that transcends death, even murder.[/tweetherder] I believe the safest course of action is the course charted by the King of the Great Big Everything. By that measure, most courses of action plotted by the lesser kings, or little kings (which phrasing did Sandburg use?) are not the safest course.

I believe in these things, so perhaps this should go without saying, but for those of you who wondered let me be clear: I don't do xenophobia.

I am not for a "complete shutdown" on Muslims entering the United States.

I am not for Donald Trump. In fact, I stand opposed to him.

*This post is not an endorsement of any other candidate. It's not an endorsement of the Democratic party, nor is it a shot against the Republican party. This post is only about cancer--singular and discrete.


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