The One You Don't Want to Miss

I've been taking to reflection and dictation in the car. When it's quiet, when the world is not fluttering about with twitter updates (#whyamIsoaddicted) and Facebook notifications, it seems easier to think properly. And the last day or so I've been reflecting over certain words of John Blase, which ironically, I discovered on Facebook. I'm not too old just yet, but over the course of my life, there have been a few whose words seem to meet me at the door, shake my hand, and say, "come sit a spell."  I could tick of those names, but frankly, I'm afraid that Blase might curse me for placing him in such esteemed company. But it's true--if Blase had the budget for a personal apologist, I'd likely turn in a curriculum vitae and an application.

I'm not trying to go all Misery here, really. I'm no Annie Wilkes and John's assuredly a better wordsmith than Paul Sheldon. But it's a poem like his "Likely," that will make you reconsider your top ten list of working-class poets, and might make you whisper words like, "I'm your number one fan."   Really.

Take a gander at John's piece today. And perhaps, if you're so inclined, jump on  Twitter and tweet one of the following (this is what the cut and paste is for):

"To the list of endangered species could we please add the language of kindness?" @johnblase

"We have devolved into mean-mouthed brats entitled to speak our truth." @johnblase

(Yes, I like to provide both snarky and non-snarky options for those of different present dispositions.) And if you're double inclined, share it on Facebook.

Today, I raise a glass to Blase. Cheers, sir! You always know how to write 'em.

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