The Sunday List.

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Sundays are a good day to slow down and take in a few words. Let's share what we're reading. Today we look at Nouwen, the celebration of Motherhoood, the Rooster Cogburn of the internet, and more.

I've been making my way through Henri Nouwen's Reaching Out. He shares a timely word: "A real spiritual life... makes us so alert of the world around us, that all that is and happens becomes part of our contemplation and meditation."  Lord, make us alert.

This week, Amber and I took part in releasing the Mother Letters {sharing the mess and glory}. This beautiful compilation of letters from mothers, to mothers, is available for Kindle, Nook, and in .pdf format. I think this might make a great Mother's Day present; don't you? The reviews on Amazon have been very encouraging so far.

Amber had the privilege of writing over at Ann Voskamp's site, A Holy Experience. She writes about the truth in the mess of motherhood like only she can.  Thanks to Ann for yielding the space. Amber was humbled.

John Blase. There's always John Blase. Yesterday I watched True Grit. Somehow, I think of John Blase as the Rooster Cogburn of the internet. (That's a compliment, John). Rooster... er, John, reexamines that Mary Oliver Quote. Dang. It's good.

Have you been following Mason Slater's series on consumerism, Christianity, and the Empire? He's adding value to the conversation, not simply rehashing the same old stuff. Spend some time at his place today, particularly with this piece where he leans heavily on Wendell Berry.

Finally, I was digging through Mike Rusch's archives. Here's a gem on the winter wheat out at The Farm. Mike understands the small work. It's an honor to hoe rows with him every now and again.

Now it's your turn. What have you read (or written) that's worth sharing this weekend? Books, blog posts, magazine articles, it's all fair game. Come on, y'all; let's build a reading list.