The Sunday List ~ Empire Narratives and Lost Coins

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Sundays are a good day to slow down and take in a few words. What did you read this week? Here's my Sunday List.


Mason Slater is still at it.  This week, he continues his series on the Liturgy of the Empire, writing on Passion Plays and War Movies, Empire Liturgy, and the grand immigration debate.  Each is worth reading.

Speaking of the Liturgy of the Empire, Sarah Bessey wonders about Pinterest.  She writes, "Pinterest is the fantasy league of consumerism and it speaks to the larger issues that we battle as a society: I am my image, I am what I consume, I am what I purchase, I am what I desire." This is a good piece, and I wish Mrs. Bessey would write an entire book of these posts.

In the Marriage Letters series, Scott and Joy Bennett write on enduring the loss of a child.

In his piece on the value of work, Duane Scott writes, " can a missionary fly across seas if he rarely remember to be one at home?"

Of course, around this house, we're always reading selections from this.

Finally, this isn't a written piece, but I just wanted to share it. [youtube]


Now it's your turn. What have you read (or written) that's worth sharing this weekend? Books, blog posts, magazine articles, it's all fair game. Come on; let's build a reading list.