The Sunday List~What to Read in a Drought

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Sunday is a good day to slow down and take in a few words. What did you read this week? Here's my Sunday List.


This morning I am in a cold hospital room with my wife and youngest son (background at Amber's). It's 7:00. The sun is rising out the window and I can see it's reflection against the building across the alley. There are moments of clarity in the quiet. John Blase jump-started one with this piece

Ann Voskamp discusses prayer and hope in dry days. She writes:

A man can watch the sky like a plea. “And we didn’t get nothing — not one drop.”

I've been watching the sky like a plea, and I feel like we're seeing clouds accumulate. Maybe there's water up there. Ann puts words to our position, and she does it well.

Speaking of prayer, I've been thinking of C.S. Lewis' grand (if not too short) essay, "The Efficacy of Prayer." His conclusion may be surprising, and it might help make clear some of Voskamp's message. See supra. You can find his conclusion here.

I'm still finishing the July Harper's. That's all I'll say about that. If'n you ain't got it yet, go and git it.

On the book front, a dear friend came to visit yesterday bearing gifts. Among those gifts was Wendell Berry's Andy Catlett, Early Travels. Amber and I have been reading it out loud. We've laughed. David Jackson, you are a good man. You know our flavors


Thank all of you for continuing to pray for Titus. You are a grand and colourful lot of people. And, by the way, that "u" is for a few of my Canadian friends who continue to pray for us. I'll root for your folks in the Olympics.

Now, what are you reading this weekend?