The Surreal

Many of you know about my work at Tweetspeak Poetry, that grand website that brings poetry to the people. Every time I pen something for Tweetspeak, I want to shout "viva la revolucion," want to send a note to the ivory-tower poets and tell them that we--the little people--are taking poetry back.

This month at Tweetspeak we're exploring themes of surrealism, which should be both challenging and a good bit of fun. And every month,  I put together a bit of a playlist around the theme. This month's playlist features songs that use extreme juxtapositions or unusual associations. Here is a bit of a sampler.

Visit Tweetspeak for the introduction to the month's theme, the full playlist, and a poetry (or short story) prompt. I think you'll love what they're doing over there.

In other news, I'll probably go a bit lighter on my personal writing this month. I'm still working through last month's prosperity posts, mulling them over. (I hope you are too.) I'm also working on a longer bit of fiction and I'd like to start finalizing a good first draft.

In this quieter season, I invite you to like my Facebook page and/or subscribe to the blog. I'll be dropping updates there (and on twitter) from time to time so that you can know when I'm back here on a more regular basis, which by my estimation will likely be December.

Head on over to Tweetspeak and create something surreal!

Original photo by SPDP, Creative Commons via Flickr.