The Symmetry of a Woman

There are women born into symmetry, and this is less a statement about beauty and more one of being. These are the women who learn themselves, who learn life, and who learn to balance their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being across the axis of awareness. Only visionary women live this way. Asym

In the old house on the tiny farm, Amber vacuums the baseboards, prepares the house for another tenant. She hums a tune--the Pixies?--as she works the far wall. "This is how to work without grumbling," she could say to the boys, but instead she is the personification of example. It is even-keeled. Steady.Amber10

Before supper, she takes a twenty minute cat nap. This is her body and she listens to the weight of gravity working against it. There have been grocery store runs, school pickups, and children using her as if she were a jungle gym. The act of mothering is a balancing act, and when the give outstrips the take, symmetry skews. "I'll feel so much better in ten," she says, and closes her eyes. With the precision of an egg timer, she opens her eyes, reborn.

Rain Dance

In New Haven, the rain comes, and our friend Erika begs her to dance in the downpour. The children--all four--ask to play like adults, and the lot of them run down the sidewalks and cross onto the Yale campus. Adult and child, woman and girl, they search for symmetry and find it in the puddles near the Women's Table (the monument celebrating liberation and equality, a grander form of symmetry). Women and children dance in the rain, reflecting joy, even under a slate-gray sky.


Do you know a person of symmetry? Feel free to honor them in the comments below. I'd love to hear the stories of those who teach you about beauty and balance.

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