The Weekend Review

It's a rainy weekend here in the Ozarks, one of those gray, pre-fall kinds of weekends that beg you to stay inside. Could there be a better weekend to curl up with a good book or catch up on a few good links? Books:

Have you picked up your copy of Essentialism, the book about the disciplined pursuit of less? I own it on Kindle, Audible, and in hardback, and this book continues to shape my thinking. (I'm reading it for the third time.)



What if more prominent Republicans shared their opinions about Donald Trump? Here's a little food for thought by GQ. I'm not prominent, and I'm no strong Republican, but I've spoken my mind here.


Perhaps this shows my GQ bias, but check out this interview with stuntman Eddie Braun, who is jumping across the Snake River in a rocket.

Spiritual Formation:

"[L]ately I’ve become aware of a gap between my desire and my ability to sit still without an agenda." Don't miss Emily P. Freeman's piece, "For When You Think You Might Be Doing Silence Wrong."


Texting by thinking? Small modular nuclear reactors gain widespread adoption? Do not miss this speculative timeline for 2020-2029. It might cause a minor freakout, but it sure is a fun read.


"This is where I live. This is where I give all my love, all my time, all my money, every dime. This is where I live."




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