The Weekend Review: Wild in the Hollow, Unyielding Wildness, and a Fuzzy Puppet

It's the weekend, and this one feels like it flew in on the wings of forever. Dang. This weekend, let’s talk books, links, maybe a video or two. Let's talk about productivity, but only a little. Let's watch fuzzy puppets dance. (Huh?) Whatever we talk, let's enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Amber's new book, Wild in the Hollow, is out in the world. It's beautiful. Here's a taste:

"There is no believing and leaving the church. We are the church, satisfied in God alone.

I do not care if you're in a bar, a ditch, a hospital bed, or behind a podium on stage. I don't care if you were born mute or blind or with Down syndrome. I don't care if you're rolling in cash or looking on the sidewalk for change. Are you the man who changes light bulbs or picks up trash in the stadium? Are you the one who prays exquisite prayers? It does not matter where you are, who you are, or how educated you are. In Christ, you are the church."

I've enjoyed reading rough drafts of Hollow, and now, I'm enjoying the print version.

And here's what Sarah Bessey says:

Grab a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Givington's (book club bundles available) or wherever fine books are sold.


1. Culture:

If you're a literature lover raised in the south, it's a rule: you read To Kill a Mockingbird, and when you're an adult, you consider naming a child or pet after one of its characters. (Confession time: who here has a Scout, Atticus, or Finch running around the house?) Watchman's critical reception has been less than stellar, and Atticus's name has been sullied. But read why the folks at Mockingbird believe Lee's new novel is prophetic.

This week, Sarah Bessey writes how feminism compels her to a pro-life ethic. It's beautifully done and a perspective you've probably not considered.

2. Poetry:

If you aren't reading John Blase's poetry, why not? This week's "The Earth is Stained With an Unyielding Wildness" is a beautiful piece. Perhaps one of my favorite Blase originals.

Did you catch my poem this week, the one in which the sunrise conjured memories of my grandfather? What memories does a sunrise conjure for you?

3. Productivity:

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: you turn to your computer to type a work-related email and you hear the blip notifying you, "HEY! Someone just mentioned you on FACEBOOK!" A twenty minute lack of productivity ensues. Do you ever feel like you need a productivity accountability partner? This week, Ann Kroeker set me free. In her podcast, "The Writing Life," Ann shares about the Pomodoro Technique, a productivity method that involves a regimen of focused work, followed by a set time of focused rest. So, when that Facebook notification crosses your screen while you're working, you know you can click over in twenty skinny minutes. Genius, eh? Ann is full of good tips.

And back to that email you were typing. Are you an emotionally aware emailer, or do your emails frequently devolve into a morass of inner-office turmoil? 99 U has a few communication tips in "How to Avoid Miscommunications & Email Like a Real Human Being ." And for those of you wondering: yes, the emoji is actually in the link's url.

4. Instagram of the Week :




What's happening here? I have no idea. These guys are so hipster they have a fuzzy dancing puppet with an East German accent. Who knows? Whatever. The music's right as rain, anyhow. Enjoy.



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