This Business of the Quickening (Or Quitting) (Part 3)

It is a season of change. Joseph called from Denver, told me the aspens were turning gold on the front range. A day later, I saw John--or rather, his Facebook avatar--and he told me of the autumn-blue Colorado sky that's so beautiful your heart aches. The weather hasn't made the turn yet in the Ozarks, and the maples are still in the modesty of their green sleeves. I ache for the crisp blue that's already biting at the heart of every earnest Coloradoan, for the gold leaves smelted by God himself. The truth is, we're only a week or two away here in the Ozarks.

It is autumn, the season of metamorphosis. Sometimes seasons serve as more than metaphors, and this year I figured I'd try my own little leaf-changing experiment. So as summer gives way to gentler beauty, I'm unraveling a twelve-year career and shedding some of the trappings. I'm pushing into something new.

All that said, I still haven't answered the most pressing question: what am I doing?

I've been teasing you this week, writing about my new small venture. I suppose we've come to point where I should just spill the beans. I've decided to pursue writing on a more full-time basis.

Almost one year ago, I released my first book, Coming Clean: A Story of Faith. Since its release, some amazing things have happened. I've met a few fantastic folks--authors, editors, publishing people--and have had opportunities to collaborate on some beautiful work. In September, I began collaborating on just such a story, one set in the autumn of another man's life. It's a story of pain, perseverance, and love. For today's purposes (and for confidentiality purposes) we'll call this particular work Story X.

When I was first approached about Story X, it became apparent that it would be a time-consuming endeavor. It also became apparent that the rewards would be more than financial; the rewards would be personal. Story X is the story of a Sage, a man who's lived with a terminal disease for almost two decades. He is a mystic. He hears the voice of God in very clear ways. He is one of those almost transcendent types, the kind who understands the depths of love perhaps more than any human I've ever met. And as we talked about the arc of his narrative, I felt the sky-blue ache. I needed to drop everything and pursue it.

And that's just what I'm doing.

Over the next two months, I'll be digging deeper into Story X and writing it. I'll be exploring one man's human experience and learning as I write. I hope to understand more about the love of God through this experience. I'm counting on it, in fact.

This is it--the first week of my career as a mostly full-time explorer. I'm changing everything to make it happen. I'm forgoing a few things, selling a few things. I'm not walking away from something so much as I'm walking into something, and as I walk, I'm asking questions and writing answers. That brings me to two questions for you.

Do you have the inkling to explore?

What would you give up to do it?


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