To the Subscribers

I wanted to take a quick minute to thank those of you who subscribe to my blog.  I see your comings and goings, sometimes check your blogs or projects.  It's an interesting place, this cyberspace.  Full of crazy photobooth art, life artists, and lemurs (or are those lemmings?).  Thanks for taking the time to click here. Things around the site are about to get  more interesting.  Be looking for a quasi-permanent guest-poster on Fridays.  I'll wait to announce the addition, but I'm fairly confident you'll find some real gold in his/her words.  I'm excited.

If you feel you have something to add to the conversation around here, let me know.  I'd love to fill some days with other guests.  After all, I did subtitle my blog: the collective.  Monologue is fun, sure.  But dialogue is much more rewarding, I think.

Thanks again for stopping by, and special thanks to the subscribers.  Y'all make this place much more interesting.