"It is a truly wise man who does not play leap-frog with a unicorn. "Ben Franklin

I am married to a writer. A good one with note-worthy perspective and a penchant for a nice turn of phrase.  She stores up metaphors like... well, I'm not really sure, but she's a darned good writer, nonetheless.  Once, when we were dating, she wrote me a letter that was punctuated with the complimentary closing "Ciao" (used curtly in the Italian form for "good-bye," not "hello," as was made abundantly clear by the context of the correspondence).  Good writers, I mean the really good ones, can convey such finality with the proper word usage.   We are friends with a rodential type known who actually answers to "Hamster."  He has a red and blue target tattoo that represents some significant symbol from the Second World War.  I'm not sure what it means, but if he wrote about it you'd say, "WOW! That's inspiring!"  He reviews horror films with such beauty that you might actually be inspired to take a date--not the blind kind but the kind that you'd really want to take home to Mama--to a Sunday matinée of Saw 13.  Right after late service at your local church no less.  Though these films are not my particular cup of tea, his art stirs up desire.  Not a lot of people do that.   There are a few others that I like to read in this blog-world--the preacher-man in Colorado, the quiet mother in Canada, the Hoosier foodie (among others).  They are real writers, with real books that you can really purchase (and should). I'm sure I'll introduce some of them from time to time, along with other friends who make photo-booth art, paint enormous pictures of Jesus, or play in the mud.    I'm keeping this space small for a while.  I'll write things here I'm not ready to broadcast or publish, and it'd be frog's folly to try.  This site will not be connected to search engines, and I will not blog-hop all over the good green earth leaving comments so that other's can stumble across this space.  It's not really the intent.

I would like to keep this space in the spirit of share-and-share-alike.  Certainly I'll write here, but I also want to know what you are reading, writing, and learning.  Show me your art.  Let me hear your music, read your books.  Leave me a taste of what God is doing in you.

I hope this can be a place where we can vet those things that God is doing in us, whether through Scripture, prayer, writings, readings, musings, sculptings, or paintings.  I hope this can be a place where we discuss the handiworks.   I would love your input because, really, I'm just trying to figure this whole thing out before I land high-centered, impaled on the horn of a mythical creature.


For those of you who may know the back story, this may run a little like the common guild did from time to time... that is to say, very, very, loosely.  If you have something you want to share (music, art, writings, etc.) email me at seth.m.haines @ gmail. Grace and Peace.