Welcome to November

The first week of November is my favorite in the Ozarks.  This week, the maples and oaks will stand tall, on fire in their last stand of the glory of God.  I am presently watching the children play under this process of glorification  They climb the lowest limbs first and stand upon them triumphant.  It is just-barely-sweater weather, and my middle child stomps shoeless in the dust to prove a point--he is tougher than the fall. 

The wind is blowing down the breezeway and carries with it the smell of dust and falling leaves.  The neighbor's petunias have given way to pumpkins and strangely shaped gourds.  We are all poised on the edge of harvest, even here on the edge of the interstate.

Here at the Collective, we will explore certain themes from time to time.  This month, we will explore two separate themes--the local church and food.  I know these themes don't seem to be related, but it is the season of Thanksgiving and we all have to eat, right?  Not all of the posts will touch on these topics, but I hope to weave a very loose thread this month, something that can serve as a type of fabric for both contemplation and inspiration as we gather around the cornucopia.

As a starting point let us know: when has God interacted with you in the breaking of bread with others; how has God interacted with you in and through the local church?*


*If you'd like to share your story, please let me know.  There is space here.  seth.m.haines @ gmail dot com.