Well... shoot.

Well... shoot. As a parent, there are things you hope to never see.


We arrived at Arkansas Children's Hospital last night. A few of you may know by now, but Titus has had a rough go of it lately. He has not been gaining weight, at least not at the normal rate. He's been eating less and less, and when our pediatricians (good, God-fearing friends) said we needed more specialized intervention, we made our way to Little Rock.

Amber has given a more specific update, but I'm writing for the sake of sharing a bit of gratitude.

Our closest friends (the community group, the office mates, the NW Arkansas crew) have been good to us. They've prayed hard, served harder, and never failed to ask "what can we do for you?" They do things covertly, without banging gongs or ringing bells to be noticed. They understand the sermon on the mount. We are grateful.

My sister (blessed be her saintly name) is keeping the other three boys (along with her kids) and has shown them a good time. The zoo; the waterpark. It's been a good distraction for them. We are grateful

My folks (who have helped us a great deal already) swung by to bring us hoodies because it's colder than a Canadian Christmas in this hospital. We are grateful.

My co-workers in Little Rock, you are good good people. That's all I need to say about that.

The people who know us across many miles and broadband connections, you have been good to pray. We are grateful.

Our writing communities, you've stood in solidarity. Folks at A Deeper Story, I'll take your orthopraxy any day of the week. Your prayer and ash sitting is good encouragement. Your theology makes good sense. We are grateful.

The doctors and staff here have been so good. They've communicated clearly, served patiently, and listened intently. They've shared our concern and have a plan just for Titus. It's been servant leadership at its finest. We are grateful.

And to those who have given great gifts to this hospital--the funds, the art, the vision to show "life" in the Natural State--we are grateful.


We're confident that God will give his wisdom to Titus' caretakers and that all of this will be resolved. And we're confident that God is still good, even when it's hard to see and hader to feel.

Thanks for stopping in today. Be grateful.