Wild in the Hollow: the Buffalo Edition

*There's a hidden link, a secret message in today's piece. Can you find it? Amber birthed a book into the world, and worn to raw nubs from all the work, work, work, our family took a drive down into the hollow--the hollow of the Buffalo River, to be exact.

River sluices were made for crawfish and boys. My boys took to them like crawfish, scooting through on hands and feet.

Buff 1

They crawl to the big rock, the rough-hewn gem in the center of the diamond pool. There's a freedom hiding between rock and water.

Buff 2

"They pay me no mind except to say, 'Look, Mama!' ... Every open pass through the water is a shout that we are home."*

Buff 3


"I have seen them without a drop of shame."

Buff 4a

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and even in a little Arkansas yard, I see through to it, the wilderness redeemed, the hollow filled wild with Eden."

Buff b

Kingdom came last weekend. It wasn't raw, like we're so fond of celebrating these days. It was just simple beauty, the laughter of family, and a few cans of Sprite. It was wild, and we were filled up.

Buff c


All quotes above are from Amber's new book, Wild in the Hollow. Would you consider joining Amber on her journey to write freedom? Wild in the Hollow is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Givington's or wherever fine (and I do mean fine) books are sold.



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