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This weekend, I had the privilege of leading the mini-retreat at the Faith & Culture Writers Conference. There, a wonderful group of writers gathered, and we took a break from the noise, production cycle, and comparison-culture of modern life. During the retreat portion of the conference, we disconnected from social media (for the most part) and took time to explore presence--presence with nature, with each other, and with God. On Friday afternoon, I hiked a steep climb into the heart of Mt. Tabor Park. I sat in pink blossoms shed from Spring trees. I listened to the wind blowing through the firs, the birds singing in their boughs. Instead of brimming with inspiration, though, I was blind-sided by irrational fear. What if that moment was the pinnacle of my most interesting days? Melancholic though it was, I asked myself "what if it's all downhill from here?"

In my most recent Tiny Letter, I'm exploring this question, and sharing a little more about my experience at the Faith & Culture Writers Conference. I'm also sharing a book update you won't want to miss, and announcing the winners of last month's Chasing Francis giveaway. If you aren't a subscriber to my monthly Tiny Letter, sign up to read along!

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Thanks to all of you who attended the retreat at the Faith & Culture Writer's Conference. We had fun didn't we? And thanks to all of you who consistently read along. This place wouldn't be the same without you.


As an aside, and on an unrelated note, please allow me to leave this little Public Service Announcement.

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